Strauss & Wagner EM8C Wired Earbuds Live on Kickstarter

The team here at Strauss and Wagner is so excited to launch our very first Kickstarter campaign. 
You asked for it, our engineering team worked on it! Last year, Strauss and Wagner introduced the EM205 wired earbuds with a built in mic which outperformed headphones hundreds of dollars above its price range--the only downfall? It was not available for USB-C users. We are excited to announce that our engineering team has worked on a prototype that takes the EM205's sound quality to USB-C device users! *Please note that these headphones are not compatible with Apple products*
Strauss and Wagner is proud to offer quality sound at an affordable price with our previous models. We are excited to potentially introduce our wired USB-C earbuds with a built in mic to the Strauss and Wagner family. Now you can enjoy audiophile quality sound at an affordable price on your USB-C compatible device. These headphones allow you to take them directly out of the box and immediately use it--no charge needed! Enjoy clean crisp audiophile quality sound at an affordable price.



Original Prototype

The original prototype of the EM8C wired earbuds followed a design that was different from what we have today on the drawing board. After we received the first sample, the S&W team collectively agreed that the sound quality did not match the previous released earphones, the EM205 wired earbuds. From there, we decided to create a similar design for the EM8C that promises the same sound quality as its predecessor, the EM205's. 
While version one of the EM8C's share similar exteriors, as this design is optimal in regards to durability, the new design focused on improving on the sound quality. Enjoy the same sound quality the EM205 offers, but tailored for your USB-C compatible device.  *Please note that these headphones are not compatible with Apple products*

After the Strauss and Wagner engineering team agreed on an upgraded design, we decided to get unbiased feedback from a known audiophile/audio engineer.
These headphones were made just for you. They come with three different sizes of silicone ear tips, so you can try which fit works best for you! Not only are you getting quality sound, you are getting comfort.
The three-button remote with volume and playback adjustment lets you control your music and sound. These headphones also have a microphone if you want to switch over to calls or voice commands.
Use it everyday, toss it in your backpack, or whatever you may want--our headphones are built to last, and you can rely on them.
We believe in what our products have to offer--so much so that we have a year warranty--we don’t think you’ll be needing it.
*Please note that these headphones are not compatible with Apple products*
EM8C Timeline
Though a small collection, Strauss and Wagner has made sure that each and every product has been tested and put through rigorous lab tests to ensure quality sound. While we are a startup, we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our products by cutting corners. Our engineering team has been working hard for the past few months to secure the design, and all we have left to do is put the EM8C’s into production. With the help of our backers, we would like to make this model available to the consumers.