Best-in-Class Sound at an Affordable Price

Strauss & Wagner products, with their exceptional build quality and characteristic audio fidelity, offer class-leading earphones and audio accessories that won’t break the bank... or your ears.

Strauss & Wagner embodies two of the Western music’s most celebrated composers - Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner. Strauss, known for his nuanced compositions and advanced harmonies, championed a technical approach that echoed Wagner’s emphasis on a work of art in its totality - in other words, “the big picture.” Both musicians’ approach to art was with fine attention to detail and immaculate sound, lending itself to big picture products that prove durable, comfortable, and valuable in every facet.

Based in New York, this American brand offers a comprehensive one-year warranty on every product. Our hardline attention to nuanced, immaculate sound lends itself to a unique listening experience you won’t find anywhere else.




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