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[Reviews for ANCBT501]

MajorHiFi - "The SW-ANCBT501 sounds fun and detailed with most genres of music, and I have a hard time putting them down... this headphone offers plenty of sound quality, comfort, and battery life." [Read More]

[Reviews for TW401]


MajorHiFi [GOLD AWARD]- "The Strauss and Wagner SW-TW401 offers plenty of value. The sound quality shames most other earphones at this price, and it’s built like a tank. Furthermore, the slim fit means you can easily forget you’re wearing them once the music starts playing." [Read More]

[Reviews for SI201]


MajorHiFi [GOLD AWARD]- "With good isolation, a comfortable fit, great sound, and a wide soundstage, the SI201 does just about everything right. While Android users may have to purchase a different earphone, fans of Apple will love this audiophile-grade earbud." [Read More]

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Head-Fi - "S&W has made its mark with the release of the SI201. For anyone using Apple's stock earphones with their iPhone, the SI201 is an affordable way to improve upon their listening experience. Recommended!" [Read More]


Headphone Dungeon - "If you’re looking for no-nonsense, everyday earbuds with a lightning connection and more effective sound isolation than the Apple earphones, the SI201 is a fun choice. Ample bass, crispy highs and dynamic vocals make the SI201 perfect for all modern genres." [Read More]


Audio46 - "Overall, the Strauss & Wagner SI201 are a great option for those folks listening with an Apple device who are tired of the dongle. It will also be great for those that want a convenient earphone that has good sound isolation. Additionally, it is going to be for those that love a nice big bass, especially for hip-hop, pop, and electronic music!" [Read More]

[Press Releases]

- (May 16, 2019) Strauss & Wagner Debuts with Audiophile-quality Sound Isolating Earphones with Apple MFI Certified Lightning Connection