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- (May 16, 2019) Strauss & Wagner Debuts with Audiophile-quality Sound Isolating Earphones with Apple MFI Certified Lightning Connection



MajorHiFi - "With good isolation, a comfortable fit, great sound, and a wide soundstage, the SI201 does just about everything right. While Android users may have to purchase a different earphone, fans of Apple will love this audiophile-grade earbud." [Read More]

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Headphone Dungeon - "If you’re looking for no-nonsense, everyday earbuds with a lightning connection and more effective sound isolation than the Apple earphones, the SI201 is a fun choice. Ample bass, crispy highs and dynamic vocals make the SI201 perfect for all modern genres." [Read More]


Audio46 - "Overall, the Strauss & Wagner SI201 are a great option for those folks listening with an Apple device who are tired of the dongle. It will also be great for those that want a convenient earphone that has good sound isolation. Additionally, it is going to be for those that love a nice big bass, especially for hip-hop, pop, and electronic music!" [Read More]