Reviews of TW401 True Wireless Earphones

strauss and wagner tw401 reviews

"For the average listener these should be a hit. They are fun to listen to, with impressive bass extension. They are all-comfort between their easy connection, cozy fit, and smooth sound signature." [Read More]

Dealerscope - "All in all, I think the SW-TW401 True Wireless Earbuds are a strong product. The fit is extremely comfortable, the case is practical, and the sound is unique but still easy to enjoy." [Read More]

"The positive aspects of the Strauss and Wagner SW-TW401 are the deep bass if that is what you like, plus the small form factor of the case and earbuds that are light and comfortable." [Read More]

"The TW401 is a solid all-around earbud, and it’s got a few strong points that put it ahead of the competition in this price range." [Read More]

[GOLD AWARD]- "The sound quality shames most other earphones at this price, and it’s built like a tank. Furthermore, the slim fit means you can easily forget you’re wearing them once the music starts playing." [Read More]

"The bass-heavy EQ drives dance music to a new level, and is a solid choice if you enjoy a heavy bass. You’ll also appreciate the compact, easy-to-carry case." [Read More]


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