Reviews of SPW301 Sport Earphones

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"I have these and the sound quality is great. The battery lasts up to eight hours as well, so your mom can use them all day. They're also water resistant, which is great if your mom likes to workout." [Read More]

"The packaging, the black-and-white branding, and the simplicity of the products themselves are sort of a blast of fresh air from the feature overload of some brands, and definitely a surprise at $49." [Read More]

"Physically, these earphones are rock solid. The fit is comfortable, the battery life is strong, and they seem pretty durable... The bass is strong, and the vocal midrange is clear and present." [Read More]

"The SPW delivers good audio for what it is – namely, a budget wireless sports-ready earphone. Durability and fit also rank pretty high, making this a solid purchase for folks who don’t want to waste hard-earned money on rubbish." [Read More]

"The body of the earbuds are built perfectly for workout enthusiasts. The connectivity is also very good." [Read More]


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