Reviews of EM8C Wired Earbuds with USB-C Connection

strauss and wagner em8c wired earbuds reviews
"If you’ve got picky ears but are stuck on a lower budget, these won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on a well-tailored listening experience. I would go as far as to say the EM8C meet their bold claim of being the best USB-C earphones under $100."

"I’m dazzled by the quality of the Strauss & Wagner EM8C earphones largely because I just didn’t expect them to sound as great as they do. They improve the entire listening experience. The drivers do improve the audio and help it stay stable and crisp throughout your entire listening time. Even on full blast, there was little to no degradation in sound quality. Overall, audiophiles should take notice of the Strauss and Wagner EM8C earphones. For the price point, they are way cheaper than anything similar sounding in the market."


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