Reviews of EM205 Earphones with 3.5mm Connection

strauss and wagner em205 reviews

"Whether it’s for sustainable, practical, or fashionable reasons, you can get some seriously great earbuds that you won’t regret purchasing, even if trends change... The sound and microphone quality [of the EM205] is as good as that of [our other picks]." [Read More]

"If the 1More Triple Driver appeal to you, but you want to spend less, check out the Strauss & Wagner EM205. They sound almost as good but cost half the price. They’re also tiny and very lightweight — perfect for tossing in a backpack." [Read More]



"These earphones have absolutely no business sounding this good for this kind of coin - and I am lucky to not be a audio snob and judge everything by price or looks or name brands- these are a sure winner for the money." -John Massaria [Read More]

"For its price point, the EM205 sounds OUTSTANDING. I will not hesitate to use the EM205 all day long with my cell phone for casual listening. With EQ, it makes my ears and brain happy. I’ve paid two or three times the price for headphones when traveling for business and always give them away afterward (and I wonder if the recipient of my gift is satisfied with what they hear). ** I’ll keep the Strauss & Wagner EM205. **" -PACSman [Read More]

"The EM205's tonality and timbral accuracy are good, the build is solid and it is very comfortable with the over ear/cable down options of using it. The EM205's non fatiguing and versatile tuning makes it quite a useful daily beater set in my book." -baskingshark [Read More]

"They are a perfectly competent pair of warm V-shape earphones." -Sunstealer [Read More]

"This is a good earphone with mic for the price and would be a handy daily driver for the average consumer." -asifur [Read More]

"While they may not turn any heads with their decidedly regular design or features, the sound quality is simply superior for a consumer level earbud. Anyone looking for an extra kick to their casual listening or some backup earbuds that their audiophile ears can still enjoy should definitely look at these tiny power houses." [Read More]


"With some thick, punchy bass and an accurate stereo field, these earphones will bring you a lively sound signature for a cheap price." [Read More]

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"From the fit to the bass, the EM205 is superior in almost every way. The lows and punchy and slam with a good force while keeping the other ranges balanced and clear." [Read More]

"The large and powerful driver offers a much more balanced sound than some of the other earphones I have tried at this price point. The bass is pumping. This is a great choice for old school rap or electric music." [Read More]

"Forty dollar headphones have absolutely no business sounding this good, yet, here I am stopping just short at running down the street shouting the news." [Read More]

"Both models offer a clean sound signature, with seamless fits and compact designs, however, if I had to go with one I would probably choose the EM205. I feel like I’ll get the most long-term benefits from them due to their superior build quality." [Read More]

"A great choice for devices that use a 3.5 mm audio jack. Good sound quality & a great microphone make for a very usable set of earphones, even for teleconferences." [Read More]


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