Reviews of ANCBT501 Over Ear Headphones

strauss and wagner ancbt501 reviews

"A pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll block out the rest of your household while you're trying to concentrate. They're also wireless, so you can move around freely without accidental snags." [Read More]


"A great first effort for Strauss & Wagner with ANC Bluetooth headphones... the Bluetooth DAC gave it quite a darker signature that would make it a hit or miss for some people." [Read More]

"I think the balance and sound signature is more enjoyable than a pricier Sennheiser wireless ANC headphone. And the crazy long battery life is a plus too." [Read More]

(ANCBT501 vs JBL Live 400BT) "There’s very little in the JBLs characteristically that I would prefer over the 501s... Strauss and Wagner present a more all-around better product in both sound signature and usability." [Read More]

"The SW-ANCBT501 sounds fun and detailed with most genres of music, and I have a hard time putting them down... this headphone offers plenty of sound quality, comfort, and battery life." [Read More]

(Comparison Review with Cowin E7 Pro) - "I believe the Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501s just have a more balanced sound signature than the E7s... The 501s also have the E7s beat in terms of battery life as well" [Read More]

"For a mid-sized pair of headphones, the ANCBT501 headphones are a solid choice. Strauss & Wagner has delivered a well-engineered product at a reasonable price point." [Read More]

"These headphones are well built and sound decent enough for casual daily listening of both music and movies, and for use on phone calls." [Read More]


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