Strauss and Wagner Introduces the EM205 Earphones

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At Strauss and Wagner, we strive to bring you quality sound through our headphones and earphones. Our engineers constantly working on our product lines are always looking to enrich your listening experience.

Recently, our team introduced a new addition to the Strauss and Wagner family—the EM205 Earbuds. With a 3.5mm connection, these headphones are compatible for either your desktop or mobile device. These earbuds also feature a mic and remote, allowing you to seamlessly switch from music to your phone call without hassle. The three-button remote is designed so you can control the volume, as well as adjust the playback.

The integrated microphone allows for clear audio quality with a sensitivity of -43 dB. Not only are you hearing quality sound, our engineers made it possible for you to deliver quality sound as well.

Have you tried out the EM205’s? Let us know how you like it. Haven’t tried it out yet? Want to try it out? Get 15% off with our #SharetheLove campaign! Learn how to redeem your 15% off here!

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