Strauss and Wagner Introduces the EM205 Wired Earbuds with Mic and Remote

strauss and wagner em205 wired earbuds

At Strauss & Wagner, we strive to bring you quality sound through our headphones and earphones. Our engineers constantly working on our product lines are always looking to enrich your listening experience.When it comes to wired earbuds, we wanted to bring you a product that is perfect for people on the go without making a dent in their budget. Strauss & Wagner is proud to introduce our wired earbuds: the EM205!

Why wired earbuds? Wireless earbuds can easily get lost if not put in its case.Wired earbuds are perfect for listeners who prefer having their earbuds in one place. You don’t have to worry about charging these since it plugs right into your phone with the 3.5mm connection. The EM205 is compatible with any device that has an audio jack. It is lightweight and can easily be taken out of your pocket to just connect to your phone and get going. Please note the EM205 is not compatible with Apple devices. Remote does not work with Pixel phones. 

These earbuds feature a mic and three-button remote, allowing you to switch flawlessly from listening to your favorite music or podcasts to answering phone calls. The three-button remote is designed so you can control the volume, as well as adjust the playback like pause and play. The microphone provides crisp frequencies with a sensitivity of -43dB. Not only are you hearing great sound, our engineers made it possible for you to deliver clear audio as well. The long cable makes the product convenient for going on a jog or riding your bike.

em205 wired earbuds remote

So what do you get in the black-and-white packaging? Besides a pair of the highly-acclaimed EM205, you also get three pairs of silicone tips so you can experience the audio content of your choice in comfort for hours. A drawstring carrying pouch is included to keep the earbuds protected in your bag or pocket. 

These earbuds have been making a buzz. Critics love the EM205 and have raved about it in publications like MajorHifi, Android Headlines, and Gadgeteer.  Our engineers worked hard to bring listeners the audio experience they deserve without breaking your budget. How much is the EM205 you ask? Only $39.95! Audio quality at that price is a steal, so why not take advantage?

Have you tried out the EM205’s? Let us know how you like it. Haven’t tried it out yet? Want to try it out? You can order herePlease feel free to email us at or call at (917) 957-1634 should you need help.


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