A Straight To The Point Explanation About True Wireless vs. Wireless

It seems that everyday we are less connected to our devices. By “connected”, I don’t mean how much we use our apps or the battery percentage. The connection I am talking about is with earbuds and headphones. The wire, the literal connection, is phasing out. Companies like Samsung and Apple now offer true wireless earbuds to consumers to experience the audio on their devices. 

I know what you’re thinking: “true wireless? Isn’t that just---wireless?”

The terms sound the same, I get it. There is a difference between true wireless and the latter. True wireless earbuds lack a cable between the earpieces like the TW401. Wireless earbuds, for example the SPW301, have the connection. It’s basically the wire or lack of one. 

That’s it! 


Wireless earbuds have the advantage with the cable. You won't lose the earbud piece. True wireless has the case to both store and charge your earbuds, but I do know a few people who have taken them off and left the earbuds loose in their bags or pockets, making a good hide-and-seek experience (please use the case). I recommend you have ear tips that stay snug and comfortable while using the true wireless ones. You don't want to lose them while going for a run on the Brooklyn Bridge (true story). 

So that's it everyone. You now know the difference between wireless and true wireless. Pick which one is best for your audio taste. 


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